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Crowdsourcing Product Development

Taking A Different Approach to Creating the New User Interface of Liquid Notes by Making You Part of Conception

Screenshot of Liquid Notes' new user interface

Download a higher resolution version of this mockup here.

We make you part of our efforts to shape a new user interface that has more educational value, allows for features to be added more easily, and, most importantly, feels like you are working directly in a DAW.

To do this, we created a mockup of a possible new user interface. No decision has been made about turning it into reality. Rather, your feedback will help us decide whether to go ahead with it or not, and then how exactly.

We hereby empower you to change the future of Liquid Notes:

Tell us what you like and don't like about this design, about anything that is missing, and how you would improve it. You can also create your own concept and share it with us, of course.

Use the comments section on this page or email us to share your feedback and ideas, or highlight and annotate areas directly in the mockup above by clicking on "Feedback" located at the bottom right of your screen.

Features and Ideas Wrapped
Into the New Layout of Liquid Notes

We have eliminated the vertical chord boxes in Liquid Notes for a better layout of form and space in the user interface. By this, we can display the piano roll as the central element and use a different style to display the control elements for chords. They are now represented by little vertical bars rather than knobs and sliders.

The button "SET" enables the selection of multiple sequential chords at the same time for faster editing: For example, if your song contains similar segments, you may want to edit them all at the same time by using the controls on the left in the box labelled "Global".

By adding a keyboard display on the left side of the piano roll, we ensure an improved visual correlation between MIDI events and notes.

MIDI events are now shown in translucent style for better readability. When substituting a chord, adding tension, or changing the chord function, all changes to that chord are now highlighted in the piano roll.

A record button can now be found in the playback controls. This functionality may be added in the future.

Overall, you can now enjoy a more straightforward and larger view of your arrangement. At the same time, it provides the full functionality of earlier versions of Liquid Notes.

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