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Re-Compose Press Room

Here you can find a selection of published press releases and articles about Liquid Notes and Recompose. Find our latest news in the news section of our website.

Liquid Notes Press Releases

Download our latest press releases for Liquid Notes in English and German.

Spexx Selected Articles

An audio effects plug-in for interactive spectral manipulation of sound in real-time. Powered by Re-Compose's super smooth spectral effects.

I2C8 Selected Articles

An intelligent MIDI sequence generator for near-limitless chord generation, powered by our trademark Re-Compose Music Intelligence algorithms.

Liquid Notes Selected Articles

Our intelligent music software Liquid Notes proves to enable professional as well as hobby composers to make better music. It is very well received in the press. Find here a selection of articles about Liquid Notes.

Re-Compose Blog Entries in German

Here you will find a selection of blog entries that have been translated to German.

Re-Compose Press Resources

Please feel free to download and use our press resources for Liquid Notes and Recompose. If you are in need of different material, please contact us directly.