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Pre-orders of I2C8 have ended, now preparing for delivery of the software

The pre-orders for I2C8 have ended. As of today, our new plug-in for highly interactive exploration of loops is only available at the full price. Final steps are on the way to finalize the software for delivery.

Read on to learn more about delivery date, etc.

Release of I2C8 and delivery of software

Beta testing of I2C8 has been going well and is near completion. At present, one final version that contains offline activation is in circulation with beta testers – this will be followed by a final release-ready version that also includes the user manual available in German and English.

If no major issue is detected in this last round of testing, I2C8 will be delivered as planned by the end of this month.

The release of the software will trigger the availability of the crossgrade offer, the download link for the full version of the software and a demo version.

The download link will be available directly on our website and an e-mail notification will be sent to users who purchased the plug-in from us. All of those who made the purchase via one of our dealers will be notified by them.

The same applies for the crossgrade offer: owners of a Re-Compose product will be notified via email regarding their eligibility for this offer, and can then directly proceed to complete the purchase.

The demo version will be available on our website, accessible via the demo download form.

Info will also be available on our website.

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