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Pre-order our new chord generator I2C8 today at a reduced price

After many months in the making, today we pull the wraps off our new product – a real MIDI-plug-in for chord sequence generation. Even though it is not completely finished yet, we offer you the possibility to pre-order it today at a reduced price – and we'll also run a public beta test to clarify some of the remaining questions of development.

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A new type of chord generator

Releasing a new product is exciting for every developer. Especially when, as is the case for I2C8, it has been in the making for quite a while now and when it hasn't been an easy endeavor to combine an innovative user interface with music intelligence algorithms that assist the process of chord sequence generation.

The output which has been created is different and – as far as we can say from first feedback we collected – very much likeable. I2C8 stands out from other products on the market in various respects. The most obvious difference is the user interface which is built like a slot machine, as we believe this work mode follows the natural flow of turning your ideas into patterns. In order to limit distraction, there are only a few parameters which can be additionally steered. After entering a pattern you immediately receive a result – just as you know it from working with Liquid Notes.

Some of the best things are hidden under the surface: Due to full compatibility with AU/VST, it now runs in any host environment (DAW) and it's possible to run multiple instances at the same time, which creates ample opportunities to enjoy creating chord progressions. Each of these features makes the entire process of creating chord sequences more efficient.

The new modular architecture enables us to add other plug-ins with different features via the host environment into one bigger tool. This may enable turning the reharmonization feature of Liquid Notes into a real MIDI-plug-in in the future.

But it doesn't stop there: While the first release of the software focuses on chord sequence generation and interactive sequence variant exploration, additional features such as breaking down chords and adding rhythmic structures will turn I2C8 into a new type of arpeggiator.

Everything you need to know about I2C8, find on the product page.

Pre-order now and get access to the beta version

Our new plug-in is nearly finished, a few things require more work. Specific questions have been addressed here - overall, we are confident to deliver the software by the date indicated. As such, we offer you access to the beta version of I2C8 upon request after the pre-order purchase was made.

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