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Plugin Boutique adds more options around Liquid Notes in their rewards area

We informed you earlier that Plugin Boutique added a bundle that includes Liquid Notes for Live to their offering. Today we're happy to add to this that additional options have become available in their rewards area around both our products.

Here is more on these options.

Liquid Notes at Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique are one of the main driving forces in bringing multiple options for customers to the retail of music tech & gear. We recently reported on the "Melody Maker 4 Live Bundle" which was added to their portfolio just some weeks ago.

As this has turned out a success already, we are now adding further options in their Rewards Area. This is an area that enables you to make use of all the perks you're known from innovative retailers such as Amazon, for example - Plugin Boutique offer you "Virtual Cash" earned for every purchase you make with them, and "Rewards+ Tokens" when buying sample packs. Each of them can be traded in when buying new products, potentially giving you a free purchase of an item.

Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live have both been added to the Rewards area, giving you full access to the buy the product using either of those perks. This should allow you to get more out of your money when buying music tech & gear.

Haven't checked out Plugin Boutique yet? Maybe it's time to visit their website now.

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