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Plenty of new products and other innovations at 2017 NAMM Show

While we only just have passed Xmas and most people are still fully engulfed in the festivities, many of you - including ourselves - have already started setting our sight at the next major event in music production. That is traditionally the NAMM Show which takes place by end of January in Anaheim, CA.

Read more about the NAMM Show here.

2017 NAMM Show and Liquid Notes

This is the main trade show for music tech & gear worldwide. It is by all means impressive, especially when one considers its size and the number of manufacturers showing their products there.

Far more than 100k people over the course of an entire week attend the show, with live performances, etc. at the end of each day - making it one of the biggest music festivals in the world. And all of that just meters away from Disneyland.

Besides the entertainment it provides, the highest number of companies showing their products in music making is present. This gives you access to directly talk to each manufacturer of software and hardware in person, as well as test their latest creations or have a demo of it.

All in all, NAMM is an impressive lineup and definitely worth a visit.

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