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Pioneers Festival brings a dedicated track for music startups

The Pioneers Festival has established itself as the prime event around startups and innovation in Central Europe. The annual event attracts some 3k+ visitors from different nations, and an equally impressive lineup of startups from all over the world. And, it's located in Vienna's impressive Hofburg Imperial Palace.

Find out more about this event in this post.

Innovation in Internet & tech at Pioneers Festival

For many years now, fuelled in part by the arrival of the iPhone as the first real capable smartphone, the world is going through waves of innovation. New ideas spring up all around the globe, thanks to the omnipresence of the Internet. If ten years ago looked like the beginning of a new world, today we live in it - and, tomorrow it could look different again.

From this perspective it is of no surprise that events have sprung up that promote these innovations, and the people behind them. Right in the heart of Europe this is Pioneers Festival, which draws most of its visitors from Central and Eastern Europe to the annual conference held at Vienna's Imperial Palace.

That is not only an impressive location for the latest in tech, music, alternative energy, etc. to emerge, it also comes with a warm welcoming attitude. But no matter what you think about that, the importance is in them having created a dedicated track for music startups. Therein, not only do innovators in this space show what they bring to market, but also can you have a chat with some of the thinkers and tinkerers in this industry. Like, Chris Barton, one of the founders of Shazam.

And, of course, you'll find us there too in case you want to have a chat in person.

Is it for you? It depends. Head over to their website and learn more about the event.

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