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The piano roll in Liquid Notes shows you all notes and any changes you make to your song

Some time after having launched Liquid Notes we added a piano roll to the user interface, which was one of the most demanded features at that moment. It now sits atop the main controls, giving you a direct view on your MIDI arrangement just as you are used to from a modern DAW.

But there is more to the piano roll in our intelligent chord progression management tool.

Watch changes applied to your song in the piano roll of Liquid Notes

Overall, the main purpose of the piano roll is to display the information contained in your MIDI arrangement, or clips if you happen to use Ableton Live. When importing a song, a harmonic analysis is performed and the information read from the MIDI file is displayed in the piano roll. This gives you a detailed view of each note in your arrangement, color coded for different instruments.

Whenever you make a change to your song with Liquid Notes, it will model the notes for the new chord progression for you. Any such change will be immediately visible in the piano roll, as the resynthesis of a chord takes place instantly.

In other words, by monitoring those changes in the piano roll carefully Liquid Notes trains you in music theory. And that is done in a completely interactive manner, for more fun when making music.

We'll be adding more features to Liquid Notes in the near future which manifest its capabilities when it comes to education in music theory, especially harmony.

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