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Use the loop bar and the zoom window to work efficiently with Liquid Notes

As with most major DAWs, Liquid Notes also comes with a loop bar and a zoom window which enables you to select which portions of an arrangement you want to work on. That enables you to work more efficient with our harmony management assistant.

Here is the insight on those features.

Operating the loop bar and the zoom window

Both items sit atop the work area which holds the main controls - two rotating knobs for substituting chords and adding tension, as well as a slider for selecting the chord function - for making changes to chords in Liquid Notes. The zoom window sits atop, and is always active - whereas, the loop bar can be activated on demand.

The former controls the piece of your arrangement you see in the work area. Pull at both its ends to change its size, or place the mouse cursor over it to move it around when holding down on the left mouse button. Note that zoom out may be limited by the function "Limit zoom level" in Settings.

The latter is in charge for looping of a section of your arrangement. To enable it, drag the cursor from one end of the section you'd like to mark to the other, holding down on your left mouse key. As with the zoom window above, you can move its ends by pulling on them or move the entire area around by dragging it. To activate the loop bar, click directly on it so it turns blue - or, hit the "Loop" button next to the Playback controls.

After the loop bar has been activated, on Playback only the marked section of the song will play.

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