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Quick Menu in Liquid Notes gives you direct access to important settings

With the overhaul of the user interface of Liquid Notes a little while ago, we included some buttons for a better workflow when operating Liquid Notes. This enables you know, for example, to access the instrument selection and ReHarmonize settings via one click only.

Learn more about how to do this here.


Music, creativity and technology at Sonar Festival in Barcelona

This Spanish city always had a strong heritage in arts and creativity, thanks to its magnificent weather, closeness to the beach and - not last - the stunning Gaudi architecture that decorates the city. In recent years it started its transformation into an international powerhouse for globally recognized events, such as Mobile World Congress.

Sonar Festival followed in the steps of the others, now attracting about 120.000 visitors from more than 95 countries.


Messe 2017 features Bitwig Studio 2.1 and many other new products

Bitwig is by far not as old as Musikmesse Frankfurt, but nevertheless got off to a great start ever since its release some 3 years ago. While release 2.0 of the now popular music production software Bitwig Studio happened only a month ago, version 2.1 will see the light of days at Messe 2017.

Are you new to Messe 2017 or Bitwig? Read on for some basics.


Use the Reset button in Liquid Notes to go back to the initial chord setting

When you are working on reharmonizing chords with Liquid Notes, there is a feature that enables you to jump back to the original settings for a particular chord. That is the "Reset"-button, which sits prominently on top of the main controls.

Here is more on a full understanding of this function.