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Video review by In The DAW gives an excellent view on I2C8

For those of you who want to know what others think about our new MIDI effect plug-in, here is a review by Jerry Mateo from In The DAW. They take an in-depth look at the good and not so good of I2C8 and even include a music example they created with it.

Here is more information about their review.


Testing of I2C8 is well on the way, now preparing for even more testing

The development of I2C8 (chord generator) and Spexx (audio effects plug-in) is progressing well. A large number of items of the testing roadmap has been completed already, with the focus now on the final steps before delivery of the software.

Here are the details about it.


Some technical information on the chord generation engine in I2C8

While we announced our new MIDI effect plug-in I2C8 some days ago, we did not provide any insight on the basic principle of chord generation and the technologies used so far. As it is an entirely different model from Liquid Notes, some explanations may be of help to understand better.

Read on to get more information on this.


Everything you need to know about pre-ordering our new plug-ins

This is the first time we are running a pre-order for a product yet to be released. For some of you, this may be the first time that you get introduced to such a campaign – equally, for others, it may be the first time you hear about us. Either of you may have different questions, for instance when the product will be delivered.

Here we attempt to answer all those questions, including information about cross-/upgrades from Liquid Notes.


Pre-order our new chord generator I2C8 today at a reduced price

After many months in the making, today we pull the wraps off our new product – a real MIDI-plug-in for chord sequence generation. Even though it is not completely finished yet, we offer you the possibility to pre-order it today at a reduced price – and we'll also run a public beta test to clarify some of the remaining questions of development.

I2C8 Chord Sequence Generator

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