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Ableton purchases Cycling '74, makers of Max and Max for Live

Those of you working with Liquid Notes for Live will be well aware of Max for Live, the software used for communication with Ableton Live. And, which since inception, has enabled the creation of multiple Max for Live patches, primarily for use with Ableton Live.

It's been a long relationship between the two companies, with Ableton now having acquired Cycling '74.


Use the loop bar and the zoom window to work efficiently with Liquid Notes

As with most major DAWs, Liquid Notes also comes with a loop bar and a zoom window which enables you to select which portions of an arrangement you want to work on. That enables you to work more efficient with our harmony management assistant.

Here is the insight on those features.


Pioneers Festival brings a dedicated track for music startups

The Pioneers Festival has established itself as the prime event around startups and innovation in Central Europe. The annual event attracts some 3k+ visitors from different nations, and an equally impressive lineup of startups from all over the world. And, it's located in Vienna's impressive Hofburg Imperial Palace.

Find out more about this event in this post.


Innovation around music is as strong as ever and continues to grow

While innovation in many other sectors of technology has shot up strongly over the past 5+ years, music has been lagging behind. This is not the case anymore, with many new entrants in the race for attracting new customers can be identified.

Here is a closer look at what's going on.


Update to adding advanced chord progression management features to Liquid Notes

We stated some months ago that we are looking into adding more features for advanced chord progression management to Liquid Notes, or a separate product that may derive from it. While the analysis of technical feasibility took a while to complete, we can now confirm that it is possible to use the technology as described then.

Here a bit more information about this topic.