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Spexx is now available for download – the software was released today

It's been many months since our first audio effects plug-in has been in development, so today we're particularly proud that we're finally able to release it. Needless to say that it's a big day for us, just a few days before Xmas.

Spexx Interactive Spectral Manipulation

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I2C8 has been released, now ready for you to rediscover loops

After months of testing, we can finally announce that I2C8 has been released today. The software is available for download from our website.

I2C8 Intelligent Loop Exploration

Also, a demo has been included for you to play around with.

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All relevant information on pre-ordering our audio effects plug-in

Today marks the day our first audio effects plug-in, Spexx, was announced. For us, having come from a pure MIDI-based technology, that's history in the making. And with that, we're offering Spexx at a reduced price for a limited time.

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