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Send us examples of songs that you have created with I2C8 or Spexx

Our new VST/AU plug-ins are barely a few weeks old, yet we have already got a few examples of people who made songs with it. With this said, we'd like to invite each of you to send us info on the creations you made with I2C8 or Spexx.

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Use of Spexx and I2C8 with ProTools currently not possible

With our new VST/AU plug-ins Spexx and I2C8 having only recently been released, it is important to note that the AAX standard is not supported currently. This means that users of ProTools can't use the plug-ins yet.

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Spexx is now available for download – the software was released today

It's been many months since our first audio effects plug-in has been in development, so today we're particularly proud that we're finally able to release it. Needless to say that it's a big day for us, just a few days before Xmas.

Spexx Interactive Spectral Manipulation

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