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Features Explained: How to correct an instrumental track with Liquid Notes

Align the tonality of a new instrumental track with the harmonic movement of an existing arrangement with Liquid Notes.

Our intelligent music production tool has a great many features that assist you when composing, writing a song, editing and/or correcting a piece.

Learn more in this article about how to (a) tonally merge an entire track or a track segment from another piece with a different harmonic environment to the existing arrangement, or (b) correct wrong notes or melody lines (monophonic or polyphonic) of an instrumental track to align them with the harmonic movement of the existing arrangement.


The Design of an Optimal Music Experience: A Matter of Life and Death (Part II)

This article continues to approach the concept of an optimal music experience. It deals with the inescapable attraction and inherent danger that the engagement with music holds.

Altered states of consciousness Just as musicians perpetually hone their skills composing music and playing instruments, we as listeners must constantly develop our skills of perception to get the most out of what we hear. This is no easy task, but it is possible to learn to let go completely and immerse yourself in the experience.

While few of us do this naturally, it is a state that can be achieved by anyone — and I don’t mean with formal or academic musical training, but rather a psychological willingness to be open-minded and become aware.


The Design of an Optimal Music Experience: A Matter of Life and Death (Part I)

This article will approach the concept of an optimal music experience. Learn about the potential of music to carry you from familiar emotions to ecstasy and even beyond, the disintegration of reality.

Understanding an individual's experience of music What I write here may be quite different from what you have previously believed to know about music. Most of it cannot be found in books, even though I will keep making references to scientific concepts and ideas to illuminate the bigger picture. It is a result of my lifelong scientific examination of the subject, combined with the practical application of my findings.

I will discuss different views of music theory and psychology, as well as the human mind and brain. I will go into detail about the role of altered states of consciousness, and the strong powers our mindsets and belief systems exercise on us.


Another Review: Top rating for Liquid Notes. Makes music compositions significantly more interesting

Our intelligent music production tool, Liquid Notes, received yet another top rating, great feedback, and an award in an in-depth review by

Another top rating for Liquid Notes A rating of "Good+" (1.5) and the editor’s statement that "alterations are applied to the whole arrangement, including the melody line, and not only to a single instrumental track, is close to magic" is a strong testimonial of what our music software is capable of.

It comes as no surprise that, as a consequence of such a great test result, the editor awarded the software with the "buenasideas TIPP".