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The Instant Effects of Electronic Dance Music: Floating in Unity

This article is a continuation of the series about the instant effects of electronic dance music.


The first part of the article emphasizes on music being a catalyst for social bonding and forging group identity. The second part presents discoveries on the significance of simple bass lines and a steady kick drum beat at high volume levels leading to a floating sensation.


More Choice for Where to Buy: Liquid Notes gets listed at Musikhaus Thomann

Our reseller cooperation with Best Service is only some days old, and already we are proud to announce that Liquid Notes is now available at Musikhaus Thomann. The latter being no smaller than Europe's largest online and retail store for music gear.

This makes us very happy, and shows the confidence these people have in our products and our ability to continuously make them better. For you as consumer it means more choice for where to buy Liquid Notes.


A Strong Partner: Best Service becomes the international reseller for Liquid Notes

Re-Compose is proud to have partnered up with Best Service as a sales partner. Best Service is one of the largest global sales companies for music software and hardware with a high quality standard. At the same time, our website is now available in German and we have released version 1.3.2 of Liquid Notes with new improvements.

Best Service, one of the largest international companies for sales and distribution of music software and hardware with an impressive product portfolio (e.g. Vienna Symphonic Library and Native Instruments) has included Liquid Notes in its choice of products. We are very proud of this partnership due to the fact that Best Service guarantees a high quality standard with its products.


Startup Innovators Showcase: Re-Compose at the 12th SF MusicTech Summit

SF Music Tech Summit is always a delight to attend. It brings together "visionaries in the evolving music / business / technology ecosystem, along with the best and brightest developers, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, journalists, musicians, and organizations who work with them at the convergence of culture and commerce."

SF MusicTech Summit Startup Innovators Showcase This year's event was no different. Plenty of startups and new ideas in music, and Re-Compose amongst the winners of the Startup Innovators Showcase. We've been named one of ten Notable Startups to watch out for, thus stay tuned!


Inspiration. Serendipity. Control. Personality. Not Necessarily in that Order.

This is the first article in a series of posts from users of Liquid Notes reporting about their experience with our intelligent composing assistant. In the weeks to come we will present you with more such articles, giving you a better idea about how Liquid Notes is perceived, and what others use it for and how.

Dinu Ivancu Dinu Ivancu is a freelance sound designer, architect, and musician who loves to manipulate and contextualize both sound and forms. His focus is on conveying emotions through harmony and abstract sounds, following an organised but organic structure.

The fascination for sound and music from a young age led him on a path that had him discover the fantastic properties of sound and be forever fascinated by it. Having a few years of classical training in his youth made this connection permanent.

Even though later in life he specialised in architecture, sound and music were always of high interest to him. This had him involved in various events indoors or outdoors, from traditional events/parties to experimental and avant-garde venues.


Building Chords and Harmonic Movements out of the Ordinary by Adding Tension

If you want to spice up your composition, one way to do so is by adding tension notes to chords. This way, the harmonic movement throughout a song becomes much more unique and exciting.

Today, we will explore just that and present you some background information on the topic of chords and harmonic movement, and show you how to do this with Liquid Notes.