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Summer Special Offer: Get Liquid Notes for a special price only in August

Are you enjoying the hot temperatures of summer? We hope you do enjoy are on a well deserved break! To keep your excitement at the maximum we're offering for our intelligent music composition software for a special price.

You can get Liquid Notes from our partner, Best Service, and any retailer of your choice for the special price of €129 / $139 now. The offer lasts until end of the month. So be quick to grab your license!


A Useful Companion: Train your musical ear for harmony with Liquid Notes

We love product reviews. Seriously. They give a good reflection of where we are at, and what is missing today that may be added tomorrow as a new feature. Or, simply a bug that hasn't been fixed yet.

There is an enormous depth of information in such a review, and one can learn a lot. Here is what we took from the latest in-depth review of Liquid Notes.


Back to the Future: "Drag a few sliders and you'll be a new Bach"

Have you ever had the feeling that building complex chord progressions is hard to achieve? You are not alone. This is what we created Liquid Notes for.

Our intelligent music composition tool assists you when making complex changes to your songs, just like an expert composer would sitting next to you.


Daft Punk in a Box: Reconfigure chords in a song to make it sound completely different

Random Access Memories is Daft Punk's latest creation. Clever marketing has been one of the reasons for the success of their album, however if you listen to Chilly Gonzales there is more to it.

Harmony, and the variation of a piece one can create through it, plays a big role in having us listen to the songs on the album over and over.

So, what does this have to do with Liquid Notes?


Liquid Notes Meets Your Music: Importing and Exporting Files

Going through the multi-colored spectrum of chords and scales with Liquid Notes is a piece of cake. Build roller coaster trails of harmonic tension and release throughout your songs. But how do you move your music into Liquid Notes to get to that kind of fun?

A new video of our series "Getting Started" deals with the question of MIDI file import and export. If you prefer not to work with your own music, Liquid Notes provides a collection of music templates that can help you to take the first steps with your musical ideas or to break through writer's block.


Events: A new category on our blog that provides information about relevant meetups

At Re-Compose, it is our aim to provide you with not only great and easy-to-use products for music production but also an outstanding customer service. We hope that the most recent update of Liquid Notes brings us a step closer to fulfilling that claim. Adding events to our blog is one more way to service you better.

Some of you we have been meeting repetitively at different events across the world. Others we have never met. However, we value being in touch with you and learning from each of you. Or simply sharing our music production tips and tricks with others and, above all, learning a few tricks from you. Last but not least we are eager to learn how we can improve our product.

It is from that perspective that we are adding this category to our blog, to inform you about meetups in your area for an improved connection with you, and to present you with the chance of being part of the community of music producers.