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Getting Started: A new video series that provides you with more information about Liquid Notes

Today marks the start of a new category on our blog: "Getting Started". This category will feature articles and videos that serve as an easy entry point for working with Liquid Notes. The first video in this series is an introduction to the general musical functionalities of Liquid Notes.

Screenshot of tutorial video on general overview of Liquid Notes

Over the next weeks, more videos will be added to our YouTube channel. It is our aim to give you the best possible start with Liquid Notes. We regard videos as a method of communication that fulfills this task best.


A Musical Playground: Our first UK product review declares Liquid Notes a "great inspirational tool"

We love critical feedback. It helps us to make our software better, which is important when your aim is to build great products with an educational value. So we are happy about the verdict that Music Tech Magazine came up with for Liquid Notes.

"When you’re stuck for ideas, Liquid Notes will get you moving and help you complete your composition. Great fun to use and well suited to electronic pop of all kinds," is how they summed it up.


Harmony Tuning for Composers: With Liquid Notes, creating harmony is ingenious and simple

Another product review. And yet another great outcome for our intelligent music production tool, Liquid Notes: Germany's Sound & Recording liked what they saw in Liquid Notes, and they praised it for its intuitive access to complex harmonic interrelationships and its simple use.

Summed up, they conclude that "Liquid Notes is a potent music production tool that is already able to competently assist in songwriting and making changes to an arrangement".


Be Different: A "double shot against matter-of-fact music"

Product reviews are always a great start in the day, especially if the editor calls Liquid Notes a tool that counters unemotional music. That causes a smile to our face, we love to bring a bit more color to your life!

Amazona took our intelligent music composition tool for a spin. Here's a brief summary of the result.


The Instant Effects of Electronic Dance Music: Floating in Unity

This article is a continuation of the series about the instant effects of electronic dance music.


The first part of the article emphasizes on music being a catalyst for social bonding and forging group identity. The second part presents discoveries on the significance of simple bass lines and a steady kick drum beat at high volume levels leading to a floating sensation.


More Choice for Where to Buy: Liquid Notes gets listed at Musikhaus Thomann

Our reseller cooperation with Best Service is only some days old, and already we are proud to announce that Liquid Notes is now available at Musikhaus Thomann. The latter being no smaller than Europe's largest online and retail store for music gear.

This makes us very happy, and shows the confidence these people have in our products and our ability to continuously make them better. For you as consumer it means more choice for where to buy Liquid Notes.