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New video series explaining all features of Liquid Notes, one video at a time

In many conversations with you we got to understand that often some features built into Liquid Notes are unknown to you, or remain undetected. Hence, you may not be able to exploit the full potential of our intelligent MIDI composing assistant.

To counteract this, we have set out to create a series of short videos that explain a feature each in short videos.

Video series "Features of Liquid Notes explained"

In a nutshell, it is important to us that you are able to fully access the features built into Liquid Notes. To do this, we have identified all features of the software and created a short video with information on each of them.

There's a total of more than 30 videos for you to look into.

These videos are now available on our YouTube channel, and we'll add them to our social media communication in the next weeks.

This should help you dig deeper into Liquid Notes, and exploit all features to the fullest.

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