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New tutorial on Spexx takes you into depths of spectral processing

We reached out to Todd Urban of Urban Sound Studio a few weeks ago. While he's had a busy schedule since, he's nevertheless taken a deep look at our audio effects plug-in Spexx - and, created a video that takes you into how to make best use of it.

Read on to find out more on how to use the plug-in to create unique reverbs, distortion, and other spectral effects.

Tutorial by Todd Urban

The approach taken by Todd is different in that it goes right into the application of a spectral effects plug-in rather than highlighting its features. This gives you a much better insight on how to apply certain effects to specific elements of a song.

In his case, he's taking you through a portion of the song he created and shows you in detail how to work those with the filters available to you in Spexx. Not only that, he's also giving you a free class on what types of effects can be applied to a specific signal.

Are you also interested in creating a tutorial on Spexx? Send us an email at

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