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New formats take centre stage at Music Tech Fest Scandinavia

Music Tech Fest is an initiative powered by the European Union to bolster more innovation in music, and related fields. The format has toured much of Europe last year, having seen great events in a number of European cities and left many impressed by what is to come in music yet.

#MTFScandi brings the Music Tech Fest to Sweden, with a focus on new formats in music.

New formats for a new generation of music

A lot has been talked about advances made in music technology, and how that affected today's production environment. But there seems to be more to it: Native Instruments recently announced a new format STEM, giving DJs more possibilities when playing live.

Is this just the beginning? And, what's next? These and other questions are what is being asked at #MTFScandi, and where a wide range of speakers will provide answers. We provided an article earlier that provides some insights on what such formats, or music, might look like.

Looking at the track record Sweden has for making an impact in the music industry, Umea seems like a pretty good starting point to host such a festival.

Find all information related to Music Tech Fest Scandinavia on their website.

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