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The New Liquid Notes: It's the same outside. Yet there is way more music composition inside

Screenshot of Liquid Notes

Liquid Notes, the highly intelligent composition assistant for your music productions has gotten better yet. Take your arrangements to perfection from within!

We are always hard at work to make our music composition assistant better.

The past three months has seen an enormous effort put in to make it more powerful as a whole, in particular to get you started much easier.

Today we released a major update that looks the same outside as before, but from the inside it delivers a much better experience.

Benefit from new features.

Use it in standalone mode.
Built-in synthesizers let you work on your music independently from any additional music software.

Kick-start your ideas with music templates.
Select from a variety of included music templates (pre-arranged sequences). These are MIDI arrangements in various styles for harmonic alteration to get fresh musical ideas and to further use as sequences for larger compositions / productions. We will keep expanding the assortment of templates.

Hooking it up to your sequencer made easy.
The routing to sequencers is now a straightforward procedure. Liquid Notes can be linked with all popular software sequencers such as Logic, Cubase, Live, Pro Tools, Sonar, and many more, to control your own software instruments. Connections via VST, AU, or RTAS are not necessary. If automatisms do not carry you all the way through, the improved wizard will help you do the rest.

Get the full picture.
Gain access to simple all-around information covering every aspect of the software. Even though Liquid Notes is pretty much self explanatory, take your very first steps into the world of Liquid Notes with an easy-to-read quick guide and a set of awesome demo pieces and automated sequencer actions. To explore more get the details from the thoroughly revised user manual.

All platforms have a thing for it.
Enhanced performance for all operating systems: Mac OS X (from 10.5) and Windows XP / Vista / 7. Linux is currently only supported up to version 1.2.1 of Liquid Notes.

Due to the integration of several add-ons and improvements in this version, Liquid Notes is now bigger. The download size has increased to 200 MB.

Boost your compositions.

Music theory, harmony, chords, and melodies: have your composition analyzed in musical depth and alter your entire arrangement with only a few mouse clicks on a professional level. Liquid Notes helps you optimize the effect of your music by comprehensive variation, not interfering with your very own musical style.

Use Liquid Notes for composing, harmonic analysis, and reharmonization. Alter chord functions, substitutions (exchanges), tensions (degree of dissonance), and cadences (progressions).

Import your own compositions for harmonic alteration and enhance their "musical impact".

Live performance and melody creation algorithms will adjust incorrect notes as you are playing them.

Download it today!

Upgrade for free.
Customers who have purchased Liquid Notes in the past can upgrade to the new version free of charge.

If you have any question about this update please contact us at

Haven't tried it yet?
Download Liquid Notes today and enjoy a 30-day free trial!

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