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New feature for notification of software updates in Spexx and I2C8

As with Liquid Notes, we have included in version 1.1 of Spexx and I2C8 a function for the automatic check for a possibly existing software update. This indicates a more up-to-date software that is available for download.

Read on to find out more.

Automatic check of the software version

As usual in other areas of software (operating system, apps), we already included a function for checking the current software in Liquid Notes several years ago. This feature has now also been applied to our VST/AU plug-ins, which now automatically look for a more recent version of the software.

To use the function an internet connection is necessary. Only then is it possible to have the query take place.

If a newer version of the software is found on our server, it will be signalled via a notification in the Spexx and I2C8 user interface. By clicking on the notification you will be redirected to the download page of the version.

Then perform a download and installation on your computer, so you are up to date.

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