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Opening a separate channel for information on a new generation of music

We have told you in the past about our work on a new generation of music with beneficial effects on mind and body. This project has seen a lot of research and experiements having been completed in the field of athletic performance enhancement, which we would like to inform you about.

To do this we will add another newsletter that specifically provides news about our work on this type of music.

Revisiting our communication channels

Today we solely communicate with you through a number of channels that are all geared towards Liquid Notes. While some users of Liquid Notes may be interested in our work on the above, it would be unfair to push it onto them as this is not what they signed up for on either of these channels.

With this in mind we have decided to create a new channel that is dedicated to information on this new type of music. Over the next weeks we will start to shed more light onto this project, report on its status quo and what is next for it.

Should you be interested in following our news about this project, sign up for our email communication here.

P.S.: We will continue posting news on all our work to the Re-Compose blog.

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