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Required steps for the transfer of your products to W.A. Production

Re-Compose has made the decision to focus primarily on research and development. Consequently, the company will stop the direct sale of end-consumer products, i.e. from the website or through dealers. Instead, an exclusive license agreement has been signed with W.A. Production.

Read on to find out more.

Required steps

Under this agreement, the existing Re-Compose products (Spexx, I2C8, and Liquid Notes) will be taken off the market and replaced by products launched under the brand of W.A. Production. The products will be sold under different names and with an altered user interface. All functionalities will remain unchanged, software performance will be enhanced. The new products can only be purchased from W.A. Production or one of its partners.

Owners of Re-Compose products are eligible for free trade-ins: You will get a license key for the new product supplied free of charge by W.A. Production. You will also get a free license key for Pumper 2, one of their plug-ins, as a bonus.

To request the license transfer, click here.

Common Questions

We have collected the most important questions for you:

[*] What does this mean for owners of Re-Compose products?
Re-Compose products will not work any longer, i.e. activation and similar functions will be disabled by the end of the year (EOY). Customers receive a free trade-in for the equivalent product from W.A. Production, with a different name and reworked user interface.

To obtain the product(s), follow the instructions in this post.

[*] What if I activated a product before EOY?
The product remains functioning for the time being. That is, until the next periodic check by the license manager, which may reset the product to unlicensed status.

Please redeem your free trade-in with W.A. Production, see above.

[*] Why these steps?
We share the reasons behind our course of action in this post.

[*] How can I transfer to W.A. Production?
Please click on this link to start the process.

[*] How does the process work?
You have to create a free account with W.A. Production. Then report your Re-Compose account details and product license codes to them by entering the data in a form.

W.A. Production will assign the licenses for the new products to your account as soon as those products become available. A notification will be automatically sent to you.
You will also receive a gift, a free download of one of W.A. Production’s plug-ins for your effort.

To start the process, follow the instructions in this post.

[*] When can I expect an answer from W.A. Production?
Within a few days after sending the info via the form or shortly after the launch of the new products - whichever applies first.

[*] Can I swap my Re-Compose products for other products from W.A. Production?
No. Only one-to-one swaps between the same products are allowed.

[*] What happens if I can’t find my purchase record, license key, etc.?
Send us an email to If you haven't purchased from us, check the list of dealers which sold our products to retrieve the license key or purchase record from them.

[*] What if I don't want to share my data with W.A. Production?
The decision to share your data with W.A. Production is voluntary. We have no right to submit your data, you have to do it.

If you do not wish to accept their offer to supply you with an equal product like the one purchased from us, you acknowledge that no replacement is available for you and that the original Re-Compose product will not work any more by the end of 2019.

[*] What if I’m experiencing issues?
In case of problems, reach out to us at

[*] What happens on March 13, 2020?
Re-Compose will discontinue its customer support. The entire Customer Support site will be taken down, all questions regarding products need to be directed to W.A. Production.

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