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The evolution of music, and how music itself turns into technology

We are living in times where technological progress is simply astonishing. The rate of change us humans have created over the past decades is mind-blowing. Innovation follows innovation at a rapid pace, and there is no end in sight.

What does this mean for music? Is it affected too? In an article on the future of music we look into this, and talk about the inevitable destiny.

A new chapter in music, technology and science

At Re-Compose we work with top-tier research partners from academia and industry to explore the potential of (electronic) music. This work centers around structure, psychophysiological effect, and an overall optimal experience of music in the listener. And it is around this knowledge that we build products such as Liquid Notes.

One of our main interests lies within looped structures, such as found in electronic music. We believe that loops can push the music experience to the next level, similar to what we experience when at clubs. This, in our opinion, is the key to make music genuinely functional by combining music and technology to create entirely new types of music. These have a deeper impact on body and mind, e.g. applications for athletic performance enhancement, the intensification of motivation and focus, getting into the zone without drugs, stress reduction, and deepest relaxation. It may also lead to applications in the clinical field, such as noninvasive treatments against ADHS, memory breakdown, or depression.

In order to get there, not only the technology and devices that monitor a listener's emotional state need to march in unison, but also a new approach to music psychology is needed to understand the mechanics of music on body and mind.

The future of music is exciting and will see major changes to how we regard music today. Read more on the above in this article by us.

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