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Music, creativity and technology at Sonar Festival in Barcelona

This Spanish city always had a strong heritage in arts and creativity, thanks to its magnificent weather, closeness to the beach and - not last - the stunning Gaudi architecture that decorates the city. In recent years it started its transformation into an international powerhouse for globally recognized events, such as Mobile World Congress.

Sonar Festival followed in the steps of the others, now attracting about 120.000 visitors from more than 95 countries.

A pioneering event for electronic music & digital arts

Sonar Festival celebrates creativity, experimentation and cutting-edge ideas. Ever since 2013 it also features Sonar+D, a festival within the festival that brings together innovators in art, design and technology. This includes ideas and companies not necessarily rooted in music to showcase their technologies, such as virtual reality.

The festival also has a section for startups, where 30 companies present their ideas to the audience. This gives them unprecedented promotion, visibility and feedback from the attendants of the conference.

Sonar festival takes place on June 14-17 this year. Find more information here.

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