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Multiple updates to Spexx and I2C8 since the launch of the plug-ins

We've been quietly at work ever since launching our new VST/AU plug-ins shortly before the end of last year. This has resulted in a number of updates being released directly on our website, but not pushed out to customers.

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Updates to Spexx and I2C8

While each of the plug-ins had been tested thoroughly before launch (we ran extensive testing campaigns with beta testers), some items always pop up only after a larger scale is achieved. Nothing in particular here to report, just some small bug fixes.

Overall, we've spent much time on improving the basics for even more performance and stability as we do see a need for tight integration with MIDI controllers, which requires a glitch-free operation. Also, an update to the license activation process was necessary as we identified a problem there that affected some users when using offline activation.

A further update in the not-so-distant future will bring a version check that informs you on a newer version of the plug-in being available.

In the meanwhile, we recommend staying up-to-date with the latest software releases. To download those, simply make a request via our download form.

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