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Messe 2017 features Bitwig Studio 2.1 and many other new products

Bitwig is by far not as old as Musikmesse Frankfurt, but nevertheless got off to a great start ever since its release some 3 years ago. While release 2.0 of the now popular music production software Bitwig Studio happened only a month ago, version 2.1 will see the light of days at Messe 2017.

Are you new to Messe 2017 or Bitwig? Read on for some basics.

Bitwig Studio 2.1 available now

We have covered Bitwig Studio in a previous post, but nevertheless want to follow up with another blog post that highlights on the features delivered in version 2.1. The original version 1.0 did already cause a stir in the world of music production, as not only did it feature some advanced sandboxing that protected plugins from taking down the entire sequencer, but also capabilities for more granular note processing.

While some reviewers hinted on a lack of features in version 1.0, the same can't be said about version 2.1. With it Bitwig Studio has made a big step forward, now being a fully fledged sequencer that brings everything and more that you need for great sound in your projects.

Want to learn more? Head over to their website, and get the latest news directly from them.

Messe 2017 taking place soon

Next to the NAMM Show, this is the second biggest trade show for music tech & gear in the world. And it's been so for quite a while, attracting plenty of visitors to Frankfurt, Germany, where the event takes place annually.

The event brings together product demonstrations, concerts and signing sessions. In other words, this is your chance to get your hands on the latest products, and talk to the people whom you always wished in having a chat with.

Find more information on the website of Musikmesse.

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