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Merge identical chords in Liquid Notes to be able to edit a succession of chords faster

In Liquid Notes you have the option to either work on each chord separately, or you can merge identical chords so that a succession of single chords will be summed up and represented by one chord only. This enables faster editing of such chords, and can save you plenty of time when making changes to your arrangement.

Learn more about how this works hereafter.

Activate merge identical chords in Liquid Notes

Each time you open a project in Liquid Notes a dialog box 'Create Project' will be shown. There you are asked to select your sound output source, which is followed by the track type analysis which is responsible to ensure an optimal result of the harmonic analysis.

On the same page you'll find a checkbox at the bottom left of the window labelled 'Merge identical chords'. By default this checkbox is not selected, which tells the software to show all chords as they appear in your MIDI file. This may turn out just fine if your arrangement varies a lot, and hence there are only a few same chords in succession.

However, if you are working on an arrangement with a number of block chords that you wish to edit in a quick manner rather than editing them one by one, select 'Merge identical chords'. Liquid Notes will then present identical chords as one single chord only, which enables you to edit all these identical chords at once.

Note that this feature can only be set when opening a file. Whenever you change your mind about it, you'll have to re-open the project again.

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