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Meet us at Pioneers Festival in Vienna to talk on Liquid Notes and other projects

Pioneers Festival has become one of the most popular events in Central Europe where entrepreneurs, investors, etc. from all over the world meet. It's also one of Austria's finest events, for it takes place in Vienna's Imperial Palace which comes with amazing architecture that was crafted by the great masters of some centuries ago.

Here is more about this event.

Pioneers Festival 2016 in Vienna

The event runs for multiple days in a row, the main event taking place May 24-25. This year's focus is on the emergence of multiple ground-breaking technologies that will pave the way for a very different future that is taking shape now: think of new means of transport such as the Hyperloop (which only this week enjoyed a first test run in the Nevada desert), or a completely new means of interacting with computers (with the unveiling of Viv, a next-generation artificial intelligence powered assistant).

And this is only the beginning of what you can see being discussed at the event. The world is at a cross-roads with the pace of technological advancement speeding up rather than slowing down or staying at a constant pace. This is in-line with the predictions made by Ray Kurzweil and many other experts on the rapid progress of technology, thanks to ever faster processors but also ever more capable software paving the way for true artificial intelligence.

With Liquid Notes we have laid the basis for intelligent music algorithms that help you manage chord progressions. And that is also just the beginning of what the future will bring, as technology such as ours is emerging in products in use by musicians, composers and/or producers.

There is much to discuss at an event such as this, and plenty to see that will shape on how you will look at what the future will bring.

Check out the programme of the festival here, and get your tickets today.

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