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Two experiences in life and how they shape self-actualization in people

TEDx San Francisco may have happened some months ago already, but only now we're able to shed more light on it as more and more videos of talks from the event are posted by the TED community.

Today we take a look at Markus Rogan's talk on two experiences, the hamster and the panther. Those are exemplary for our doing, and provide good clues on how to find mental clarity and meaningfulness.

Differences between two experiences in life explained

What Markus describes in his talk is the difference between being like someone and being in tune with yourself. Indirectly, this is a reference to Maslow's hierarchy of needs which have been illustrated in the "pyramid of needs". At the very top of this pyramid one finds self-actualization, a state in which all other underlying layers are in unison (balance) and that person feels completely fulfilled.
This is when all senses are tuned towards achieving a particular goal in life - your goals, and not the goals of someone else. Or, not to be like someone else. On a broader sense this person reacts with little to no anxiety and stress to any challenges presented, and has sharp thinking. Like a panther, that is.

Compare that to a person that tries to be someone else, luring for representing something or someone for the sake of status, etc. This provides for a very different experience, one which is often characterized by constantly running after something, being restless, having no clear decision path, to name a a few. That is tiresome, and more often than not can lead to all sorts of problems - sleep deprivation, stress, or even depression. Like a hamster, constantly running on a wheel until being exhausted.

Enabling peak experience with a new generation of music

For us at Re-Compose those experiences matter a lot. Much of the research we have done in understanding the effects of music on mind and body are about how we can provide a tool that helps people become a panther. This tool is based on a new generation of music which we discussed in an earlier blog post.

We have come a long way with this research, having tested this type of music in our lab and in the field. Preparations are on the way now to get this product on the market, so people get a helping hand for being able to de-stress, relax quickly between meetings, focus before an important call, etc.

Stay tuned, and as always throw in your comments below!

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