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The Next Step: Easy manipulation of chord functions in real-time, and creating ideas using music templates

Ever thought how to make a product better? Listen to your customers and connect the dots. We did that, and thus we bring some new and improved features with this update of Liquid Notes to you.

When we listened to you there were two points of interest standing out: manipulation of chord functions would expand the ramifications of possibilities and using music templates would allow you to do more things faster.

Manipulation of chord functions

Liquid Notes is all about your music production workflow: our job is to make this process as efficient as possible and give you lots of new ideas.

Consequently, when you want to make changes to chord functions you want to do so quick and with maximum effect.

The improved feature in the new version of our music software will allow you to do precisely that:

Changing the chord function results in an entirely new set of possible chord substitutions. Chord functions influence the ‘deep nature’ of chord progressions and their alteration will in most instances cause a distinct contrast between different harmonies and will intensify their perceived impact.

The chord functions are divided into the three basic functions of tonic, subdominant and dominant, indicated on the interface with T, S, and D. Every function will lead to an entirely new set of chord substitutions and thus expand the ramifications of possibilities.

Create ideas by using music templates

To the other end you can now get started with ease and create ideas immediately using music templates:

Choose between basic music templates of various styles directly out of Liquid Notes (i.e. chord progressions, simple arrangements, or arpeggios).

They will allow you to create harmonic ideas and compose more complex harmonic progressions for further use in a broader musical context. We keep extending this list of templates continually.

Download the new version of Liquid Notes

Aside from that we have extended the trial period to 30 days and removed the restrictions in saving and exporting. Some minor bugs have been corrected as well.

The update is free of charge for customers who have purchased a standard license of Liquid Notes, and is available via the support section of our website.

Download the 30-day trial version of Liquid Notes now!

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