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Making music using the Circle of Fifths and music theory explained

Music theory is a complex topic with many angles to be studied. In order to facilitate the process of making music, there ain't only our intelligent chord management software Liquid Notes - there are also other concepts in use such as the Circle of Fifths.

Here is a look at the latter.

The Circle of Fifths Explained

Liquid Notes has been created with and for the music composer in mind. To get the most out of our software, it is imperative that you have a basic understanding of music theory. This helps you get going with ease, and allows you to follow the alternatives presented for chord substitution all along.

Yet, above all this, you do not need to be an expert in music theory as Liquid Notes enables you to learn on the fly. A tool such as the Circle of Fifths then comes in handy when getting to grips with music theory, and especially harmony - it is generally seen as a tool that helps you memorize the correlations between neighboring chords, minor or major. And, no matter what scale you opted for.

While in Liquid Notes we have taken the decision not to feature the Circle of Fifths (as the software is able to deal with many more capabilities than this tool can embrace), you may opt to read this article and similar material to understand more about it.

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