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Compatibility of Liquid Notes with Apple's macOS Sierra (version 10.12)

Apple's recent Special Event saw the unveiling of the iPhone 7 (.. now waterproof and, yes the rumours were correct, without that old-fashioned headset plug), Air Pods (.. in case you want to go wireless), Apple Watch 2, and plenty of other new gadgets. Those gadgets aside, the company also introduced the latest version of the operating system for Mac, now rebranded as "macOS" to be in line with the naming of other software.

Here is a look at what this update contains for users of Mac, and what it means for compatibility with Liquid Notes.

Changes made in macOS Sierra

Version 10.12 of Apple's operating system for desktop and laptop is name codenamed "Sierra". It is the first major release since the rebranding to "macOS", and brings a number of new features that improve usability: Siri is now much deeper integrated into the operating system, reflecting on the level of maturity intelligent assistants have come to see. And, a lot of changes have been done to simplify user interfaces, and bring in more intelligent assistant features that keeps your Mac operating at its best.

Much of these may be only of cosmetic relevance to you, but each update also brings a lot in terms of stability and security. To learn everything there is about macOS Sierra, head over to Apple's product page with information about it.

The software will be available for download by September 20, 2016, directly via the Mac App Store.

Running Liquid Notes on macOS Sierra

While it was announced earlier that Java 6 will not be supported anymore in macOS Sierra, there seems to have been a late change of mind. Any such statement has been removed, and in our testing we have been able to install it nevertheless.

This is good news, as at present the incompatibility issue of Liquid Notes with Java 8 on Mac could not be solved yet.

For those of you who upgrade to macOS Sierra, you may have to install Java 6 on your machine again. Head over to the Java Support page and click the "Download"-button.

After the installation of Java 6 is complete, you can run Liquid Notes on macOS Sierra.

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