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Looking back at an eventful year with more to come for Liquid Notes in 2016

We are nearing the end of the year again, and with it comes a short summary from us to reflect on what we have accomplished as well as what is to come yet. There is plenty we have on our plate at the moment to make Liquid Notes a better product, and there are a lot of other things out of your line of sight we have been working on.

Here we take a look at where we are in the master plan for Re-Compose, and what is next for Liquid Notes.

A year with tons of work accomplished, and new team members

First things first, great products are always about people. And, with that said, we couldn't be much happier to have found three individuals who are major additions in fulfilling the key steps laid out in our quest for a new generation of music.

There is Ariane Cap, an experienced teacher and writer in music theory, who recently launched a course book on learning the essentials of music theory for bass players. That book earned outstanding reviews from the best in her field, for she uses an approach that is novel and takes the student by the hand like no other course material before.
Needless to say, we are very excited to work with her on creating a course in harmonic theory around Liquid Notes, and thereby add more value for those who are in need of learning chord progressions.

It is important for us to find the right people, even though this takes time. With Liquid Notes we first discussed concepts of a new user interface and a music theory course more than a year ago - but, we couldn't deliver on those then for lack of the right people. Now those people have been identified we can look into the matter, and will report on it to you over the next months.

This may or may not include new products around Liquid Notes. Any such decision can only be taken after a thorough investigation of the possibilities offered around the above.

A new product on the horizon, defining a new category of music

Markus Rogan and Sara J. Crow have joined us this year to drive forward our attempts into turning music into a non-invasive, digital 'drug'. Such a product has positive effects for your well-being, as it calms your mind during the day or even before bedtime. Or, it energizes you when in need.

Products such as these define a new category, namely "digital health products". We are yet at the beginning of a road that started more than two decades ago, and which ultimately led the foundations for Re-Compose. Much research has been completed this year, and we'll shed some light on this product soon.

Most important for us as a takeaway from this year is that also here we now have the team that is capable to deliver on it. Things take time to mature, one could say.

Looking into 2016 and beyond

As outlined above, our job now is to identify where we want to go with Liquid Notes by matter of how we could create a hands-on course in harmony, especially on how to create chord progressions. This is the defining factor to decide on changes to the user interface, etc.

Our new product gets equally much love, and as a starting point we'll give you the option to join an information page about it soon.

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