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A Look Back: A Great Year, Lots of Learnings and Much More to Come in 2013 ...

We are very excited about our progress this year: Over its course, Liquid Notes has seen two major upgrades and several minor ones, and it is now a much more mature product.

However, we will not stop there. We have collected great feedback from you and we are continuing our hard work on improvements and the addition of new features.

So what's next you may ask?

Shedding some light onto the development of Liquid Notes.

We started out little over a year ago. Liquid Notes was in its "infancy", a product well defined but rather edgy.

Looking back, the biggest leap was bringing out an offline version of our software. You could eventually work anywhere and anytime, and without an Internet connection. Another major improvement was the implementation of a Welcome Screen guiding you through the basic functions of our intelligent music production tool.

Many other changes were being effectuated in updates of Liquid Notes, some of which remained invisible under its hood, and others that were rather obvious. Most importantly, each iteration brought improvements that were contentedly acknowledged by you, our customers.

Plus our iteration cycles have become much faster as we have gained a better grip on the market and received more feedback of high quality from you. It helps us to produce updates in cycles of some three weeks to once a month at the longest.

We are very proud of that. And it's a great affirmation each time one of you tells us we've taken the right step yet again. Thank you for that!

Where are we heading to with Liquid Notes?

Broadly speaking, we are following two branches of development: firstly, a tighter integration of Liquid Notes into DAWs resulting in an improved music production workflow. And secondly, a better and more independent standalone operation when you are on the move without access to your sequencer or library of plug-in instruments.

Next, we have a good eye on a feature that many of you requested: a singe-track or multi-track plug-in connection to the DAW. We are analyzing the necessity of this feature, a decision is pending.

Anything else?

We have started to add more relevant content to our blog: there's a section on news, features, and the design of an optimal music experience. And soon we'll add stories by real users of Liquid Notes that will provide insights into how our customers use our intelligent composing assistance.

In the past weeks, we have been pushing out this content to you via our newsletters. In order not to spam you we have agreed on a release cycle of two weeks starting in 2013.

If you have suggestions on how to provide even more relevant content, please let us know at

Looking forward to 2013.

We're really excited about what 2013 will bring. We have some cool features in the pipeline and can't wait to get them out to you. The future looks bright and we're happy that you're joining us on our journey!

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