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A Second Dimension: Harmony progression management, live performance, and melody creation

Liquid Notes is much more than an aid to master complex musical harmony. With LN Live you will now be able to perform live and flawlessly to polyphonic melodies in real-time. Music intelligence at its best.

Liquid Notes takes harmony progression management in your compositions to the next level: Complex musical harmonies can be changed and improved by a simple click. But there is more to it, the pioneering second dimension of this software product - live performance and melody creation via LN Live.

Improvise polyphonic melodies live and flawlessly

The advanced harmony analysis and chord progression management within Liquid Notes give you tremendous freedom while performing live.

At the same time they create room for new ideas.

By switching on LN Live in the Liquid Notes user interface, a MIDI port is opened allowing you to improvise via a MIDI keyboard. The harmony analysis engine of our music software will analyse the notes you play and correct them in real-time. You can record your improvisation right to your favorite sequencer and continue working on your song.

Since Liquid Notes interacts in seamless integration with Logic Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, and other widely used DAWs, you can still use your entire set of Virtual Instruments and processing tools just as you normally would.

Start performing live to your compositions and let Liquid Notes take care of chord types, tensions, and harmony progressions in real-time.

Try Liquid Notes today!

Try LN Live today by downloading your personal 30-day trial version of Liquid Notes on the Re-Compose website.

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