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Liquid Notes to relaunch within the next weeks at W.A. Production

The long wait is over. We finally have news to share with you about Liquid Notes. Both variants of the chord progression management software, standalone and MIDI effect, are being prepared for a relaunch under the label of W.A. Production.

Find out more in the article.

Relaunch expected soon

As previously Spexx (now "Venom", see here) and I2C8 (now "MIDIQ", see here), Liquid Notes is moving over to W.A. Production. This will take place by the end of February, with the release of an updated software package.

No changes will be made to the user interface. Work is done establishing compatibility with Java 8 on Windows and Mac, as well as compliance with the 64-bit architecture mandatory for macOS 10.15 (Catalina). The latter caused the current installer of Liquid Notes to fail on Apple's latest operating system, see an earlier post here.

Bug fixing, maintenance, etc. will be continued exclusively for these new versions of the software.

Getting the new software

Owners of a Re-Compose product are asked to transfer their products to W.A. Production, who in turn will provide them with a free license key for the updated version of Liquid Notes. Customers will also get a free license of the Pumper2 plug-in.

To complete the transfer, start the process on this page and enter your details in the form.

Licenses for the new software will be assigned to your account with W.A. Production only with the release of the updated version of Liquid Notes.

[Update 03 June 2020] The COVID-19 outbreak forces us to delay the launch of Liquid Notes beyond the revised schedule for a launch around mid-March. We're working on getting the product ready, but have no final date to announce yet.

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