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Liquid Notes plays through the virtual instruments of your sequencer

The standalone version of Liquid Notes is able to connect to any sequencer or notation software on the market. This also allows it to trigger the virtual instruments you use within these programs for high-quality sound generation.

Here is more on that.

Plays through the VIs of your DAW

Liquid Notes uses system level routing provided by the operating system of your machine for the connection to a sequencer or notation software. This configuration enables the exchange of MIDI data between different applications, and can be imagined like connecting one or more cables between the applications: data will flow in both directions, with the connection points (ports) defining what connections are established.

Virtual instruments in a sequencer or notation software connect to those ports. Hence, by establishing the routing connections from Liquid Notes one can play through those virtual instruments and enjoy high quality sound.

The basics are outlined in the video above, for information on routing refer to the Liquid Notes manual.

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