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Roar! The Liquid Notes special price offer makes you want to create music again

Over the summer, we put a lot of effort into winning retailers over to include Liquid Notes in their product range. Some days ago, we informed you that Plugin Boutique and Prime Plugins had added our intelligent music production software to their catalogues.

We are celebrating this with a special offer for Liquid Notes valid during October, only from participating retailers.

And there are more retailers getting added each day.

Partnerships for more choice

We understand that a relationship with your preferred store is important to you. Therefore, we have invested time into bringing Liquid Notes to your favorite outlet in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Liquid Notes October Special. Get the best Liquid Notes ever.

A couple of days ago, we informed you that Plugin Boutique and Prime Plugins had added Liquid Notes to their catalogues. And now there are even more.

Better yet, together we have decided to bring the best Liquid Notes to you for only $99.95 / €89.95 / £79.95 during October. Prices may vary due to specific VAT regulations in different countries.

This is a massive discount for a great product. So secure your Liquid Notes license now!

Here is a list of the stores that participate in the October special: Plugin Boutique, Prime Plugins, Best Service, Audio Deluxe, JRR Shop and Scitscat Music.

We'll update this list as Liquid Notes becomes available from more retailers.

Haven't downloaded the latest update yet?

The most recent version of Liquid Notes rocks! If you missed our post about that, read the article on our blog.

And don't forget to update to this version, or to give it a try! Download it from our website.

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