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Both versions of Liquid Notes now compatible with Java 8 on Windows

It's been a while since we have started work on this, but today we are happy to finally announce a version of Liquid Notes and Liquid Notes for Live that is compatible with Java 8. On Windows, that is. Unfortunately, there is still an unsolved issue with Java 8 which needs to be solved by Oracle before we can deliver a version to you.

Here is more information why it took us so long to get this out the door and how you can upgrade to the latest version of Liquid Notes if you are a Windows user.

Beta testing and release procedure for Liquid Notes

As some of you already know, we spend a sizable amount of time on testing our software internally before any release candidate reaches our beta testers, and eventually you. This is to ensure a high quality standard for the integrity of the software. And so far, we have seen very good results from following this process. There is no particular downside to such an approach, other than that it might be more resource-intensive than a light-weight approach.

In terms of the Java 8 update process, we realized early that Oracle have opted for a major feature release for Java 8 and that this needed to be answered by extensive testing to ensure full compatibility. This is of great importance as Liquid Notes is entirely developed in Java, whereas e.g. Bitwig only use the Java RunTime for certain elements of their digital audio workstation, Bitwig Studio. In a nutshell, Java enables us full cross-platform support among operating systems (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux) with a minimum of adaptations required. Plus, it remains one of the most popular and secure programming languages to date. Although the media ever so often paint a different picture when putting Java for your web browser and the Java Developer Kit into the same box.

But on with the above: While different operating systems are supported, the Java 8 update is not available for Windows XP. This requires that Liquid Notes is fully backward compatible, also supporting versions 6 and 7 of Java.

While running tests with Java 8 a few customers reported issues on Windows machines, which needed to be analyzed via remote. On Mac, an error surfaced that could quickly be attributed to an issue in Java 8 and which has been reported to Oracle. Solving those problems on Windows has taken us a lot of time, as neither of these problems appeared on our machines and troubleshooting consequently became a lengthier process.

We are happy that all those issues have been fixed on Windows now. And, we are eager to get a fix for the problem on Mac.

Downloading and installing Liquid Notes with Java 8 on Windows

For those of you running a Windows computer, you can grab the latest version of Liquid Notes ( or Liquid Notes for Live ( from our website. Each of those versions is compatible with Java 6, 7 and 8.

To get the latest version of Java 8, go to Oracle's website to download it from there. The installer should clean up old versions of Java automatically, however you can also do this manually in case something goes wrong.

We will of course push hard to achieve Java 8 compatibility on Mac shortly, too. Meanwhile, if you need help or have questions get in touch with us at

[Update]: Liquid Notes on Mac uses the legacy Java 6 version provided by Apple. Upon launching the software it will check for availability of this version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and start using it, if installed on your machine. Running multiple versions of the JRE on your machine is ok.

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