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Giving you more choice to buy Liquid Notes local, now also in Spain

We have worked relentlessly over the past weeks to give you more choice to buy local. It's important for us that you can buy Liquid Notes at your preferred reseller of choice with whom you have built a relationship already.

Today we are glad to add that Liquid Notes is now available at dealers in Spain.

Buy Liquid Notes locally at your favorite reseller

Even though most companies sell their music software now online, directly from their website, there remain customers who prefer to buy things from a real person. For this, reseller come in and make an important contribution when consulting you about a product.

We have had a couple of resellers offering Liquid Notes in the past, and we are constantly adding more. This gives you more choice to buy the software at your preferred dealer. As of today, also in Spain with Cutoff Pro Audio and InterMusic Pro.

Find the complete list of dealers by country on this page of our website.

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