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Liquid Notes. Music Intelligence.

The songwriting assistant that offers a controllable range of alternatives for chords and harmonies in a MIDI arrangement.


Liquid Notes is a revolutionary standalone instrument and plug-in that combines a world-class composer, songwriting partner, arranger, electronic artist, producer, and live DJ, and a set of meticulously designed controls and functions—all in one package! Beyond breathtaking musical skill and analytical capabilities, Liquid Notes allows its users unlimited creativity and inspiration through its groundbreaking functionality.

Liquid Notes comes in two versions: as a standalone program which routes to all sequencers, or as a MIDI effect for Ableton Live (see comparison chart below).

Load the MIDI tracks of your projects into Liquid Notes and have them harmonically analyzed providing you with the corresponding chord symbols and a combined piano roll view of the notes in all tracks. Regardless of the complexity and style of the arrangement, Liquid Notes provides an accurate harmonic analysis of your music. And it establishes a solid base for the changes and alterations you may want to make to selected tracks or an entire song. Lay down the foundation to a new tune in no time!

The software offers a wealth of revolutionary and creative music making features. You can transform the chords and harmonic progression to your liking, use the convenient drop-down chord selector, change the basic functionality and directionality of any chord, and spice up the flavor of your music by adding varying degrees of tension and harmonic color to your chords with the simple twist of a knob.

Liquid Notes works on
All Platforms and All DAWs/sequencers

Screenshot of Liquid Notes

Just import your MIDI tracks into Liquid Notes and hit play. Liquid Notes routes the MIDI data back to your sequencer, using all software instruments of your original arrangement. When you have completed the editing process, simply record your music back to your sequencer.

Or run it standalone with its built-in synthesizers when you are on the go or want to do some quick prototyping of fresh ideas for new productions. (standalone version only)

In the studio

Liquid Notes syncs to your DAW and so allows for playback via any software instrument plug-ins inserted on corresponding tracks. Use your favorite virtual instruments in Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, Live, Studio One, Reaper, Reason—you name it! Liquid Notes works with any of them. Also works in connection with music notation software such as Sibelius, Finale, and the rest of them.

Hear the tracks in Liquid Notes in real time through your favorite plug-ins and eliminate all the guesswork when it comes to the sound of your music.

Features you'll love

Multi-track control over chord types, functions, and tensions
Atomizes song into smallest harmonic building blocks
Intelligent chord progression management
Tutorial music included to get you started right away
Plays through the software instruments of your preferred sequencer
Built-in synthesizers for sequencer-independent operation (standalone version only)
Works on Windows and macOS
Connects to any sequencer (Cubase, Logic, Live, Pro Tools, Sonar, etc.)
Links to any notation software (Sibelius, Finale, etc.)
Supports live performance

Find a series of short videos with explanations for each feature of Liquid Notes in this playlist.

Live performance

Use your keyboard controller (or even QWERTY computer keyboard) and enjoy Liquid Notes’ intelligence in assigning your input to correctly relating scales and chords. In connection with your DAW, your music can simultaneously be recorded onto a new track and is instantaneously ready for further production.

Thanks to its music intelligence, you'll never perform live in the wrong key.

System requirements

Java runtime environment or higher

(Note: Java 8 is not supported on Mac yet! Instead, legacy Java 6 is used and can be directly installed from Apple. Running multiple versions of Java on your machine is ok. Find more information in this article.)

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

macOS 10.6 or higher

Comparison chart: Liquid Notes vs Liquid Notes for Live

Liquid Notes
Liquid Notes for Live *
(MIDI Effect)
Harmonic analysis yes yes
Reharmonization yes yes
Live mode yes yes
MIDI file import yes -
MIDI export yes yes
Built-in synths yes -
Standalone operation yes -
Syncs to all DAWs via MIDI clock yes -
Plug and play with Ableton Live 9 (via Max for Live) - yes
Supports direct multi-track MIDI import from Live - yes
Playback via IAC bus (all DAWs) yes -
Adjust playback tempo in Liquid Notes yes -
Pre-arranged music templates yes -

*: Requires Ableton Live 9 (or higher) and Max for Live!

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