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A Great Testimonial: Liquid Notes enters the bestseller list of music gear retailers

With the sales numbers of October coming in, there was a pleasant surprise in the box for us: Liquid Notes made it onto the bestseller list of two stores that sell music software. And this only after a recent first listing with them!

Best of all, it's not just about any stores. Those are two of the most respected shops for music software that have been in business for a while.

Making great software for you to enjoy making music

We have spent many hours to listen to your feedback and to turn Liquid Notes into an even more powerful piece of software for you to never create just-ok music again. It has been a long road to get where we are today, and we don't see the job done yet.

There are many more features that we will include in Liquid Notes and which we addressed in an earlier post: more tools for adding and editing chords, a piano roll, and a time sync function between the DAW and Liquid Notes. Expect the announcement of the next update with some smaller new features to be in your mailbox soon. The rest will take some more weeks before it is ready.

What about being Liquid Notes entering the bestseller list?

Version 1.5 of the software laid the basis for becoming a best seller: The new version was well received by all of you, and that broke the ice on the retail front with many customers opting to go for the $99.95 special we ran in October.

Not much later, shortly after listing our product, JRR Shop reported that Liquid Notes was one of their best sellers, and so did Prime Plugins, with Liquid Notes as their second best-selling product of the year by that time. This is amazing news to us, it confirms that all the efforts to make Liquid Notes a more mature product have paid off.

We can see from your questions that people have started to understand the value of Liquid Notes. Many of you started digging much deeper into the software, exploring its full capabilities.

Even if the road ahead of us to take it to much greater heights is long, becoming a bestseller is a big motivator in keeping to do what we do. All this wouldn't be possible without you and your priceless feedback!

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