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An Insider Tip: Beat Magazine ranks Liquid Notes top, and awards it the title “highly recommended”

What do you do when your music composition software is rated 5.5 points out of 6? We were happy, said thank you, went back to work, and focused on making it even better!

We are delighted that Beat, Germany’s second largest magazine for music software, production and DJ-ing, awarded Liquid Notes with the editors’ choice.

The award comes after reviewing our music composition assistant software thoroughly in a test among new synthesizer plugins.

A top rating for Liquid Notes.

In the September 2012 edition of German magazine Beat, Liquid Notes was tested under the category "New Synthesizer Plugins".

Liquid Notes received 5.5 out of 6 points for being an "exceptional execution of an innovative idea" and "a powerful creativity tool that helps to leave well-trodden paths and try new ideas in music composition" (Beat, 2012).

Developing great music software.

Together with Native Instruments’ music software “The Giant”, only Liquid Notes was awarded the label "Editors' Insider Tip" (Beat, 2012).

To that end, it acknowledges our utmost intention to make great software. We are presently working hard on a new release that will once more raise the bar in terms of intelligent music composition and will enable you to enjoy the full experience of working with Liquid Notes.

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(Note: Text used in quotations translated from original text in article in German.)

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