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A Major Step: Liquid Notes’ harmony analysis is now available as offline version for your desktop

Screenshot of Liquid Notes

We have gotten our heads around bringing our complex harmony analysis intelligence to your desktop in offline mode. No more Internet connection required. Download it from our website starting from today.

Now you can produce great music from anywhere!

We listen to your feedback carefully. Even though many of you praised us for providing a great piece of music software, too many of you were not happy with the requirement for an Internet connection to perform the harmony analysis.

Make better music from anywhere

It took us some time to figure out a way to deliver an offline version of Liquid Notes to you, but today we are giving you just that: Version 1.2 of Liquid Notes is available for download.

You will now be able to explore entirely new worlds of creative possibilities from anywhere.

Special introductory price

And because this is not enough, here is even more: we'd like to say thank you for your feedback. We value it, and you, a lot.

To that end, we have decided to stick a special discounted price tag on this major update of Liquid Notes — you can now purchase a full license for EUR 139 (incl. VAT) / USD 149 (excl. sales tax).

For a limited time only.

Upgrades for customers of Re-Compose

Customers who have purchased Liquid Notes in the past will receive a voucher / credit in the amount of the price difference which may be used for future upgrades of the software.

If you have any question about this update please contact us at

Create great music with Liquid Notes

We believe that everyone should be able to produce great music. Assisted by the music intelligence of Liquid Notes and by the changes incorporated in this major update, we hope this will bring us a step closer to fulfilling this vision.

Liquid Notes works with any popular sequencer: Cubase, Logic, Live, Pro Tools, Sonar, and others.

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