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Liquid Notes for Live is Here, Now Plugs Directly into Ableton Live 9

We communicated this earlier in our call for beta testers some weeks ago. And we also kept you informed on its progress for a while now. The MIDI effect of Liquid Notes for Ableton Live 9 is finally here. It enables you to create great music effects directly in Live, only with the click of a few buttons, and within minutes.

Most importantly, Liquid Notes for Live is almost a plug-in: It seamlessly integrates with Live. You can make changes to your MIDI clips on the fly, and hear the effects immediately in the DAW.

Using Liquid Notes for Live with Ableton Live 9

Liquid Notes for Live is a MIDI effect of Liquid Notes that plugs directly into Ableton Live. To do so, it uses Max for Live which is optional for the Live 9 Standard edition and comes pre-installed with the Live 9 Suite edition. Make sure you have Max for Live installed, otherwise Liquid Notes for Live can't communicate with Ableton Live.

The integration is smooth and easy: just as you are used to from the standalone version of Liquid Notes, you simply launch the software and after two simple setup steps in Live, it will connect to Live automatically. Select the MIDI clips in Live by clicking on the corresponding scene, then hit "Get Clips" in Liquid Notes for Live and - if necessary - make adjustments to the tracks detected in the project wizard. One more click, and you are ready to go!

Edit your clips by making adjustments to the vertical sliders (chord function) and rotary knobs (chords, tension) while playing your song in Live. The changes become audible immediately, it's like playing live and having an expert composer next to you doing all the magic on the harmonic level for you. That is what Liquid Notes is popular for, so you can concentrate on pinpointing the sound you always had in mind!

Special introductory offer of Liquid Notes for Live

We're offering Liquid Notes for Live at a special price of EUR 69 / USD 69 for a period of 3 weeks until March 16, 2014. Also, Liquid Notes is on sale during the same period for EUR 99 / USD 99. All prices in euros include 20% VAT, all prices in US dollars are without sales tax.

Use coupon code LNLIVE14 at checkout to retrieve your discount when buying the software. There are no restrictions on the number of items you buy. Download the software from our website, a free 20-day trial is automatically included.

Customers who have purchased Liquid Notes in the past are eligible for a special offer to buy Liquid Notes for Live at a further reduced price. See details in this article.

Other information about Liquid Notes for Live

Liquid Notes for Live only works with Ableton Live and requires Max for Live to be installed, whereas the standard version of Liquid Notes connects to all DAWs via a MIDI cable. However, the latter doesn't get as close to a plug-in as the MIDI effect does. For reasons of a lack of interfacing standards for multi-track MIDI applications, there are no plug-ins of Liquid Notes planned in the future. Read more about it in this article on our website.

Both products are sold separately, can be run in parallel, and require their own license key. No upgrade offers between the two products exist.

Feedback on Liquid Notes for Live

We're always grateful for feedback from you on our products, it helps us make our software better. Share your thoughts with us at!

And have fun with the new Liquid Notes for Live!

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