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Control the limit of available chord alternatives in the settings of Liquid Notes

Music theory can be a complex matter, especially when it comes to harmony. There are literally myriads of chord progressions to choose from, which can make your job in managing these difficult. While Liquid Notes' powerful harmony analysis covers the entire width of harmony, we've also included a feature that provides only chord alternatives that are deemed 'safe' from a musical perspective.

This is for you not to venture out into completely unchartered territories of harmony, albeit this filter can be disabled for more advanced users.

Limiting available alternatives for chord progressions

By default, this filter is set to "on" after installation of Liquid Notes. Should you want to get rid of this 'safety net', go to Settings and uncheck the box for Limit available chords on tab General. When doing this, you'll see the number of chords available for substitution from the chord drop-down menu change immediately.

In other words, disabling that check box provides you more options to choose from. Some of them may be very unconventional for Western listeners, but are perfectly in line with harmonic theory. We leave this up for you to choose what is right and what is wrong, yet for beginners we recommend to stay in the safe zone.

This is because with the checkbox selected only alternatives for chord substitution, adding tension and changing chord function are presented that are used commonly by music producers around the globe. We have developed our intelligent filter in collaboration with Hollywood composers, so you're in good hands.

For those of you who nevertheless need help or have questions on the above, drop us a line in the comments section or reach out to our support.

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