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License manager in Liquid Notes automatically grants a 20 day free trial

Different from other software in music production, there is no demo version of Liquid Notes that only has a limited set of features. Instead, we have opted to use a license manager that gives you a free 20 day trial period with all features unlocked.

In our eyes, this is a better way of doing business then providing you a piece of software that doesn't allow you to try all features.

Free trial period management in Liquid Notes

When developing software one of the critical decisions to take is whether or not to provide a demo version. While this has proved popular in the past in particular with music software, in our opinion this is not state-of-the-art anymore. People are better served in getting access to the full set of features, so they can make a better decision on buying it.

That said, we have included a license manager in Liquid Notes that comes as part of the installation package of our software. It manages the trial period, and is used for activation, deactivation and transfer of a license. It's a simple solution, and comes out of the same box with no need to download a separate demo version of our software.

Beyond this, there is an additional advantage: when the end of the 20 day free trial period has been reached, Liquid Notes keeps on working albeit some features like saving a project is locked. This enables you to keep on exploring its main features, without getting disrupted.

Should you need more than 20 days to evaluate the software, reach out to our customer support with a request for reactivation!

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