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About mental clarity and meaningfulness at TEDx San Francisco

As reported some weeks ago, work has started on our new product for performance enhancement in athletics, games, and work in Los Angeles. That not only takes us to a center of the music industry and some amazing outdoor culture, but it also gives us access to some special events that are close to our heart.

It wasn’t planned. But after our idea came to the attention of the TEDx San Francisco organizers, and they invited us over to come speak about it.

Introduction to TEDx events

For those of you who are new to the concept of TED, here's a quick introduction: TEDx events are all about ideas worth sharing, giving anyone with such an idea a stage to present it to the world. The events are run across the globe and have seen tremendous success, bringing new ideas to people's attention and some truly stellar performances by speakers on stage. If you haven't seen videos TEDx speakers yet, head over to their website and prepare for some amazing experiences.

Want to share your special ”What If …?”, too? Just look out for a TEDx event in your area and let them know about your idea worth sharing.

Towards the beginnings of mental clarity and meaningfulness

At TEDx San Francisco, our Markus Rogan will be talking about "The rise and fall of a self obsessed Olympic medalist. Moving from drug-induced rage to the beginnings of mental clarity and meaningfulness." He has a unique view on that, having been in the driver’s seat of all of it. And he will include his insights about the importance of music along his way.

It’s not our aim to talk about our product there. Rather, this lays out a basic foundation for what many colleagues of his may suffer from and how he was personally dealing with it. The question that arises from it is the magical "What if …?” that TEDx events transport: What if we could turn music into a tool that helps us reach mental clarity and meaningfulness? What impact would it make?

These and some other ideas will make for a day to remember. Take a further look at the list of speakers and their topics.

Get your ticket for TEDx San Francisco today

TEDx events are mostly organized by voluntary work. Only up to 100 people are allowed to attend. Ticket sales solely cover costs for the location and similar necessary expenses.

Should you want to attend, you must buy a ticket in advance. No entry without a ticket.

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