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Open Liquid Notes for the first time and be greeted by splash screens

One of the features we like about apps is that they usually come with a well thought of user experience, and greet the user with 3-5 screens when opening the app for the first time. It is there the user is explained the most important features of the app, which has become a sort of best practice in the industry.

We have taken the same concept and brought it to our desktop application, so you can enjoy the same level of comfort.

Splash screens for an introduction to Liquid Notes

When you launch our intelligent chord progression management software for the first time, you'll be greeted by a number of screens that give an introduction to Liquid Notes' main features. As part of that, you'll see how to operate the main controls for making changes to chords, and what versions of Liquid Notes there are available.

There is also a possibility to register for our newsletter, provide a few information about yourself and have a look at the change log of the software.

All this comes neatly packaged in a few screens only that you swipe through, just as you would do in an app on your smartphone. Its aim is to get you the main facts quickly, so you can venture out immediately into the world of changing chord progressions, or creating some fancy new harmonic line.

Our aim is to make using our software as simple as possible. These splash screens are an attempt to deliver on this promise.

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