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Inviting the community to provide feedback on our new MIDI effect plug-in I2C8

As reported recently, testing of I2C8 (and equally Spexx) is going well. Besides a select group of beta testers and those people who made a pre-order of the software, we're now also inviting others to provide their feedback on it.

Read on to find out more.

Feedback collection via the community

We previously ran a number of campaigns that brought a lot of valuable feedback from users of Liquid Notes. It is in part this feedback we received from you that paved the way for I2C8, which enables highly interactive exploration of loops.

Because we are firm believers in the power of crowdsourced approaches, we would like to follow a similar method with this new MIDI effect plug-in: a community page has been prepared that provides more detail on the underlying basis of the chord generation method, what features are yet to be developed and which others are under investigation.

The idea is to help users better find their feet with this tool, especially in the lieu of no demo being available (for the license management system hasn't been fully integrated yet). And, to better understand our decision making in supporting triad logic only in order to achieve a baseline from which to work from.

While many may see this as a step back, it serves the purpose of having a clean user interface to start with - and, thanks to a new, modular architecture, be able to add new features on top of it. Be that directly within the I2C8 plug-in, or an add-on .. to be decided once it is clear what it is that users really need.

The community page is available here. Head over there and share your thoughts with us!

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